Architecture and Interior Design

We design homes, Residential schemes, office buildings, school & college buildings, hospital, resorts & layouts.
Started in around 1985, Mohite Architects continues to be a trusted name in architectural designing & interior. Not only the designs but also a keen eye on site during execution & incorporating all the necessary inputs at the right time is a key to satisfaction of our customer. An answer to our long survival & still growing, lies in a Personal touch in each of every design& its execution limiting the number of projects as per our capacity.

CRZ and Building Permission (NA)

We have been doing building permission (NA) & CRZ Consultancy work for many of our clients projects ranging from Residential, office, school & college, hospital, etc. We have a solid experience of such work that holds a key in this profession. Being a developing country, we are changing & developing fast resulting into fast changes in building Regulation by laws, permissible F.S.I., Zoning, etc. And we are very happy in sharing our knowledge & information with our clients of keeping them updated & advise them to keep them on the right track.

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